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Ten Acre Plot for sa

Kisumu City, a ten acre

Ten Acre Plot for sa Ten Acre Plot for sa

School for sale

A secondary and Primary private

School for sale School for sale

Tom Mboya House

Kisumu City, an apartment for

Tom Mboya House Tom Mboya House
Ten Acre Plot for sa 45000000

Kisumu City, a ten acre

School for sale 35,000000.

A secondary and Primary private

Tom Mboya House 45m

Kisumu City, an apartment for

4050 Copeland Island Rd. Mobile, AL 36695

4050 Copeland Island Rd. Mobile, AL 36695  Single Family Home

Construction: Finish: Brick, Stucco, Other-See

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4 Hillwood Rd Mobile, AL 36608

4 Hillwood Rd Mobile, AL 36608  Single Family Home

Construction: Finish: Stucco, Construction/Foundation: Wood

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Migosi falls from grace as rent skyrockets

Migosi was Kisumu city’s undisputed top – middle class residential District for the last two decades complete with proper planning, strong sewerage systems,  security,  tarmac  roads,  market, dispensary and a schools to boot; But now it is safe to say that Migosi and its splendor has gone to the dogs,  thanks to mismanagement and corruption.

“Migosi’s strategic location in the greater Kisumu city  has been enough impetus to attract various  ventures like private schools,  Guest houses, Recreation facilities, housing projects  and name it, but the status quo is sickening to say the least”, says Mr Habil Odundo, a legal consultant  at Habil and James Property Consultants Ltd.

The main access road that serves as the border between Upper and Lower Migosi has been constantly degrading to the point that vehicles crawl through several flood holes making the carwash area impassable on aday of  the lightest rain. The rest of the inroads are worse off  than  Obunga and Nyawita. Its been long since the tarmac fell off! Other inroads have mostly been  grabbed in part  leaving small footpaths that vehicles can not go through.

“Migosi stinks”, remarks one resident as she turns her nose up, fingers pointing to muck flowing besides Migosi Municipal Dispensary few meters from the garbage collection point. Sewage flows free alongside the access roads making puddles of poo at will;  But this scene is “holiday”  compared to when it rains.

Insecurity in Migosi has gone all time high as complaints of houses being broken into while occupants are dead asleep or at work during the day goes up.  To counter this vice, residents of Migosi Estate  have been trying to organize Maasai but with tenancy fees steadily climbing, most tenants are unable to keep up this Endeavour and quick falls back to fate and Karma

Some landlords have managed to fence their compounds to ensure the security of the tenants, a move that seems to be the only working solution for the security of property . Cases of Robbery and carjacking however are very few and far but still you don’t want to bet on that.

Still some investors have managed to set up very impressive facilities in Migosi. Rental complexes, pubs, high-end saloons and barbershops e.t.c but it will take more than planning, politicking and loosely organized neighborhood watches to gain the glory that Migosi once enjoyed.

Facts about Migosi

  1. Renting a two bedroomed House:   8k-15k
  2. Renting a three bedroomed House 12k to 20k
  3. Renting a shop : 10k to 15k
  4. Public schools : Kondele Primary, Migosi Primary, Gumbe Primary
  5. Secondary schools
  6. 0.02Ha plots to 0.03 Ha plots :  750k to 1.2M

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