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Ten Acre Plot for sa

Kisumu City, a ten acre

Ten Acre Plot for sa Ten Acre Plot for sa

School for sale

A secondary and Primary private

School for sale School for sale

Tom Mboya House

Kisumu City, an apartment for

Tom Mboya House Tom Mboya House
Ten Acre Plot for sa 45000000

Kisumu City, a ten acre

School for sale 35,000000.

A secondary and Primary private

Tom Mboya House 45m

Kisumu City, an apartment for

4050 Copeland Island Rd. Mobile, AL 36695

4050 Copeland Island Rd. Mobile, AL 36695  Single Family Home

Construction: Finish: Brick, Stucco, Other-See

[Read more]

4 Hillwood Rd Mobile, AL 36608

4 Hillwood Rd Mobile, AL 36608  Single Family Home

Construction: Finish: Stucco, Construction/Foundation: Wood

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Can Kisumu’s Professional Real Estate Agency firms be heard over the din of conmen and women?

As the city’s real estate market approaches it’s all time high, claims of fraudulent dealings between con men and some few staff members of the lands office can not only be ignored, but have grabbed the attention of the local Media, sending an alarming message to the potential investors against the city’s Real Estate Agents.

” Con men raids Kisumu Real Estate market” screams one headline, ” Is your Title Deed just a paper?” asks another one. Almost always the accusing fingers points to the real estate agents. While some Agents are not as holy as we would like them to, property owners are often times worse or work in cohort with the con agents by taking advantages of security gaps in the property acquisition process. Gaps that we have learned to cover and to uncover while processing a transfer on behalf of our clients. Hence the need for a buyer’s agent whose roles spans from finding, investigating, negotiating and  processing transfers among other things.

The conveyancing department at Kisumu Property Market Ltd a leading buyer’s agency in western Kenya boasts of 100% success rate in transfer of cleared properties. “ Between January 2011 and October 2011, we stopped the sale of four plots whose dealings were questionable. One cannot come across some vital  information if you limit your investigations to Search Certificates and Title Deeds alone. One needs to interview owners of neighbouring properties among other things for a clearer picture”.

There are a number of real estate firms of good repute in Kisumu city. Which begs the question, Can the professional real estate firms in Kisumu city be heard over the din of conmen and women preying investors in the city?

With the media crying wolf, One wonders who reports the numerous successes in Real Estate Market in Kisumu city.

In September alone, over 300 pieces of land were successfully  transferred to new owners, about five multi million housing projects are currently underway in Carwash (Kibos road), Riat hills, Kajulu Hills, Milimani Block 13, Milimani Diana Apartments, Milele housing projects and few others approaching their ground breaking phases. To satisfy the housing problem in Kisumu city, still all these projects seems like a drop in the ocean.

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